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Like I’ve said in my previous posts, I am taking some time to travel, to work, to read, and to write. Here’s one of those things expressed though another. My reading explained through my writing.

I first started reading this book in 2008. It took me 3 years to read it, but I finally did. I started reading it in the hardcover version, and it was advancing slowly. I read tens of other books in the mean time, and this book was still sitting on my night table, patiently waiting its turn to be finished. In the mean time, I put all my books in storage, packed my bags and headed out into the world, with my eReader in hand. And, as I don’t like to leave things unfinished, I found this book in the ebook version, and FINALLY finished it.

Now that I have finished the book-finally-I am rectifying my previous view & opinion of the book. I don’t think this book was created to be the inspirational and influential book that it has become. I think that just because it is, we don’t have to judge the author, and her experiences during this year of travel as anything other than what it was: her personal experience & the telling of said experience. I like it now, on a different level, the “I am human too” level, the “this is my experience, dammit” level, and from this point of view, this book rocks!

I’m not writing this review to say BUY THE BOOK, or don’t buy the book. I am writing this because I believe that we are all entitled to live our lives just as we want. And if you feel like your life is slipping from your fingers, faster and faster, then take a minute and remind yourself of the things you’ve wanted to do in this life, and GO DO THEM! It is never too late. Peace:-)


  1. Sharon Floyd says:

    My feelings on this book have subsided considerably since I allowed Elizabeth Gilbert to be simply a person with a story to tell! Have you seen her 20 minute TED talk on genius and creativity? It’s better than her book.