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The time has come for me to write.  And I mean write! Too long have I sat on “the bench”! Enough with the bitching about not having the time, not having the inspiration, not having the motivation.

I’ve started this book a year and a half ago, and it’s staring at me, literally (more like figuratively) staring at me, every time I put my macbook pro in my bag. Every time!

Darn it! I have to write. I have to finish this book. Science fiction is more to me than an escape from the reality.

With a major deadline approaching, full time work, a trip to plan, a bunch of other balls up in the air, writing should still be a priority, especially when it feels like much more than a hobby to me.

I would like to set aside 30 minutes each day, before work, where I write. Should get my writing mojo going again, right. We shall see.

This project starts tomorrow.

Write baby, write!


  1. Here is a great post about getting clutter out of and getting on with your life.

    : ))