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Now that I am making my writing a priority, seems like my dreams are conspiring to give me the inspiration to write. A  new story percolated last night. A story like nothing I though of before.

Here’s the jest of it:

Uhh ohhh! I think I forgot it… I’ve been writing all morning, but not about that, and now it’s gone. Damn!

So what is my lesson here: WRITE YOUR INSPIRATION AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP! it’s not like I don’t have a reminder at 7:30 am  to write!

I’m not saying that this would have been a national best seller, but still, it would have given me another thing to write  about.

I know 1 thing: It was not my normal, space adventure, hero sci-fi idea. It was dark, space thriller  kind of dream.  I was starting to feel anxious, yes, in my  dream.

Maybe it’ll come back to me before the end of the day……….

In the mean time, I guess I can comment on something new, to me!

As I didn’t grow up in this beautiful country of ours and I wasn’t alive when the first Star Trek show came on tv, I didn’t have the opportunity to watch the show. Yes, I’ve seen some episodes, and yes, I’ve seen some of the movies, but I have not seen the entire show.

I’ve been sick the past few days, and as I lack the energy to do too many things, the couch is calling me. Sleep and Star Trek.

I’ve already went through the first 10 episodes, and to be honest with you, I didn’t understand where did captain Pike go, or what his purpose was. Kirk can and did hold the show flawlessly for years, so WHY PIKE?

And when did the transition get made? Where was Kirk when Pike was captain? I hope that there is an answer to these questions in the later episodes.

Should I even comment on the misogynistic or prejudicial writing? WOW! Suspicion of Spock because he’s not human! Except for lieutenant Uhura, there is not 1 other ranked woman on the deck, and no, I’m not counting the yeoman or nurses, which are women yes, pretty yes, but assigned in a serving position, without any real power, decision power, because hey, that’s what the 60’s were about.

Star Trek is absolutely essential to the development of future writers, future shows, technology, bu you already know this.  To me, Star Trek is like Freud, in that, without either of them, their respective fields would be nothing like we know them today. Pivotal, Essential.

Can you imagine a world without Star Trek?  The cellphone concept came from Star Trek. so, NO CELLPHONE! In the later episodes, and shows like Star Trek TNG, the touch tablet came in: so NO iPAD or iPHONE! And these are just the few things that are affecting my day to day life. Can you think of others? Let me know in the comments if you do. Star Wars wouldn’t be without Star Trek. Stargate (the longest running sci-fi show in tv) wouldn’t be! Farscape wouldn’t be. Firefly wouldn’t be either…I don’t know about you, but for the sci-fi aficionado, the disappearance of these shows is like a bad, un-hero like death.

Total and utter respect to Gene Roddenberry for the creation of this show that changed the world as we know it.

now back to Star Trek (just 2 episodes) and a nap. comments later…

P.S. As some time has passed since I’ve written this piece, I have had the chance to watch all of the Star Trek movies, and of course, I am an even bigger fan than before. So, I suggest, for the novice Science Fiction fan, and especially for the novice POP SCIENCE FICTION fan, to start with the beginning: the ORIGINAL Star Trek.