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I know, you’ve read the reviews, you’ve seen the movie, you own the DVD, and you’re seen it a thousand times! So why read yet another post about The Matrix?

Because “THERE IS NO SPOON!”  There never was!  Between “Temet Nosce” (Know Thyself), and the entire plethora of empowering gems, this movie is a lot more than a great Sci-Fi.  It marks the beginning of a new way of thinking, in the movies anyway (take  “inception” for example). The masses still have to catch up, but at least, the first steps have been taken.  The world is evolving, the human consciousness is evolving too. Slowly, and it has to be shown the way, we are evolving.  The more we test and try ourselves, the better we’ll get, the faster we’ll get there.

Pushing the boundaries of the mind, one inch at a time.

Yes, obviously, I loved The Matrix. I also love all the sci-fi that’s ever been written, and/or turned into movies. I have read more sci-fi than most people read anything in their entire lives. I devour sci-fi. Science fiction is my personal way of seeing into the future. Science fiction gives us possibilities, beyond pettiness, beyond the “smallness” of the human mind. Science fiction, even as far back as Jules Verne, has given people wings! Has bread generations of scientists that have dedicated their lives to turning fiction into reality. I mean, HOW COOL IS THAT?

I am an avid science reader, specifically anything that helps push our species further. I love math! without it, I don’t think I would be able to learn and speak as many languages as I do (currently I am fluent in 4). I believe that most drugs do more damage than good, especially in the brain area. I am Buddhist, and I am learning more and more about that too.

The reason I bring up Buddhism, is that I find it so refreshing, so empowering, and incredibly congruent with SCIENCE! yep, Buddhism is embracing science, and particularly particle and quantum physics. The Dalai Lama is giving discourses on Quantum Physics, he’s holding scientific conferences in Dharamshala, is teaching the monks math, and physics, and astronomy, and HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT? Buddhism is not really a religion; it’s more a spirituality, a way of being, that stays current with the science. Even with the way that Buddhism is embracing the new scientific discoveries, it isn’t loosing any of the strong spiritual core. The “soul”,  if you want, is taught how to BE. How to BE HERE NOW. Aware of everything , in the moment, unattached to anything, free to evolve, and elevate out of this existence.  How is that NOT The Matrix?  we’re all trapped and living in this matrix of ours, and sometimes of our own choosing, and when we finally embrace the fact that THERE IS NO SPOON, that this life’s material possessions don’t really mean anything, and that we’re only being held back by attachment, only then are we able to leave the matrix behind.

Why am I mentioning Buddhism in an article about The Matrix? Because without the influence of Buddhism, this movie can never be. It’s and amalgam of Buddhist spirituality, with kick ass special effects, great adventure, and an overwhelming feeling that, even though you are controlled, manipulated, told what to do, where to walk, how to drive, what to think, YOU CAN STILL GET OUT. You can still have TRUTH! There is still HOPE!

I think this movie is more about showing the human mind that it can do a whole lot more that it is doing currently. Yes, we need this air to breathe, but we also need to realize that our bodies can do so much more, that our mind is a lot more powerful than we’re giving it credit for.  We are still using 10% of our brains! I can’t even fathom what we’re capable of at 100%!  CAN YOU?

Everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be. The world is evolving and we’re growing. We’re growing spiritually as a species.  Change is good.

“He’s beginning to believe!”

The moral of this story (blog): you are THE ONE! Yep, that’s it! You can do anything, and don’t you think for a second that you can’t! You can do anything, the universe will provide, and you can have such an amazing life if you only believe that you can. Let your mind grow, expand, take on new horizons, and READ more. Read anything, and soon, you’ll figure out your own “good” writers’ list. I have my own highly prized list of books and writers I cannot live without.

Now get out there and start living this life properly, because THERE IS NO SPOON!