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The world has gotten a lot smaller since the invention of the internet, uniting us all. Working for a “local” employer used to mean that you used to get up a 6:30AM, get to work by 8, and work 9-10 hours a day. Working for a “local” employer NOW, means that you’re working for an employer that could be across the globe, that cares not about you being “at work” at 8AM, but about the work being done on time, and done well. Working online is where we are all going, towards a global marketplace, a global job place. I am staying ahead of the trends by keeping up to date with my skills and interests, learning and improving, getting better and faster at what I do.

So, when I did make the transition from doing the “wake up at 6:30, sit in traffic for 1 hour, get to work by 8, work for 9 hours, leave at 5, sit in traffic for another 1-1:30 hours, get home by 6:30-7 PM, start working on dinner, and eat around 9:30-10 PM, then go to bed by 12 midnight. All this for WHAT? So I can work with incompetent people, incompetent bosses, people that think they know how to run their business, people that would never give you a promotion from fear that you would take their place…  I was miserable….  unfulfilled, and disappointed with the whole “do the best you can” attitude so I help the company make the money, the boss/owner/CEO make his bonuses, while I was getting stressed, showing signs of adrenal exhaustion, and my body rebelling against me, and my daily choices…  And I would have continued like this! I had no idea that there was another way. I mean I knew about freelancing, but the fear of not having a constant paycheck was overpowering. Fear was the ruler of my decisions. I put up with insulting behavior from bosses, from misogynistic good ol’ boys, all the way up to self proclaimed “feminists” that wouldn’t give me a well earned promotion, but instead advanced a male colleague… And yet, I went back to work, doing my best to grow their companies, while my needs were being ignored, my accomplishments dismissed or attributed to, you guessed it, my bosses. And yet, I went back to work.

But this isn’t about the bad of the past! It’s about the joys of the present! About how fantastic it is to work with educated people who know what they want, believe that they can carry out anything they set their mind to, and change the world for the better in the mean time! Yeah, I LOVE MY JOB!  I LOVE doing exactly what I LOVE doing, and what I am good at, and actually get recognition as well as get paid for it.

It is rewarding to FINALLY enjoy the day-to-day, to be able to work with people from all over the globe, and in turn, to be able to work from anywhere with an internet connection, more precisely, to be able to see the planet, one country at a time, while making money & helping my clients achieve their dreams! I am actually happy!

And huge bonus on the 9-5 hours, I still work 9-5 (not every day), but this time is on my schedule, the schedule of a night owl, and the 9 AM to 5 PM becomes 9 PM to 5 AM. I am most productive at those hours. I am most “awake” at those hours, I do my best work then (I am writing this post at 2:30 AM).  It helps that all of my clients are either from the US, or from Europe, but they do, as well, prefer the later hours of the day for communication, and I am traveling around Europe at the moment, I am on the perfect schedule for my early bird clients back home, as well as for my night owl clients in Europe. It just works!

I am grateful that somehow, by the machinations of this gorgeous universe of ours, I managed to receive what I wanted, what I need it, and in the process, conquer one of my biggest fears, the fear of the unknown. Now, I welcomed the unknown, because from the unknown come the most challenging, the most growth-inspiring experience, and I am excited to live in this universe. Don’t get me wrong, I work hard when I work, I do the best I can to stay up to date with my industry, and I know that it is impossible to read EVERYTHING that’s being published today on web design alone, but I do the best I can to always deliver quality work, beautiful work.

The biggest thing I take out of my life’s choices so far, is that I should LET GO, AND ENJOY THE RIDE! Because “HOUSTON, THIS IS A HELL OF A RIDE!”

Other changes from the “then” versus  “now”? Yes! I get to work in a place like this one: