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I am blessed with many friends, and quite a large number of friends with wheat and grain allergies. So when it came time to plan a dinner party, all hell broke loose. I had to cook 6 different dishes for the six friends joining me for dinner.  I did that once! The next morning I started to do some research on what to cook for all of us, still wheat free, still gluten free, so we can all enjoy it.

It took a while, and as it happens, my work out regiment brought me to a new diet, and a new way of looking at food and at our bodies’ adaptability to grains and all the agriculturally grown products.

I stumbled upon the Paleolithic diet, which, in very short, is more a way of life than a diet, which strongly suggests the complete elimination of grains, legumes, dairy products, all sugars.  It’s a diet strong in green vegetables and root vegetables, with meat and fish, nuts and fruits, oils, and just from time to time, and only sparingly raw honey or stevia.  At the time I came across this diet, I was just discovering the Zone diet, which is all about the correct proportions of protein to carbs.

I was working out pretty vigorously at my local Cross Fit North Atlanta, and we had just started a month long lock-down. We had to follow every work out by the book, and we had to be choose and stick with a diet of our choosing.  The Paleo diet was encouraged as the preferred lock-down diet,  so I adhered to it, and saw a 12 lbs drop in the first 2 weeks of the month long lock-down.  I was sold.

So I continued to work out just as hard, and eat the same Paleo diet for the next few months.  My personal records were improving at the gym, and I was getting stronger, but my weight was not dropping anymore.  I had plateaued.  So, like the good scholar that I am, I started doing some more research and somehow, I found my way right back to the Zone diet.

In a later post, I will make sure to show the benefits of both ways of thinking about food, and why both work.  But here, I’m only going to say that, for me, and for my life with friends that cannot eat wheat/grains/dairy,  a happy medium between the Paleo and Zone diets was created and has flourished.

I now happily live in the Zone proportions with Paleo ingredients zip code. It’s my own thing, the thing that works for me and mine. The Zaleo way of life is born! And here’s a orange cake made with those ratios:-) recipe to follow.

I hope that this inspires you to make the necessary changes in your life that make you happy and keep your body going strong and harmonious for many healthy decades.