Content Creation

– visual: infographics and social media images: Adobe Creative Suite, Canva
– written: articles, white papers, books, event collaterals, blog posts, magazine articles, editorials: InDesign
– content layout: InDesign, HTML, CSS
– audio-visual: audio and video podcast creation, video interviews: Adobe Premium & Audition, Camtasia


Content SEO

– keyword research & analysis: Google Keyword Tool
– on-page content optimization: WordPress, YoastSEO, HTML
– keyword density, H tags


Content Marketing

– distribution via Social Media, Medium, Quora
– automation of distribution via MeetEdgar, Buffer, Salesforce, HubSpot CRM
– newsletters and community management: Mailchimp



Corporate Branding

Marketing Strategy

Technical and Content SEO

English Editing

Audio and Video Content Creation


Content Creation

Content Marketing


Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Account Management


Graphic Design

Website Design

Front End Website Development


Strong editorial judgement
– ethical and political awareness
– advanced professional news writing and editing skills
– preserving publications’ voice
– magazine editorials
– magazine design & layout
– editorial calendar
– editorial planning
– editorial team lead
– interviewing and event lead
– international experience


– line editing
– content transcreation
– copyright
– publication ready editing
– op-eds, newsletters, articles, social media posts

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With an international background and experience, I offer a global perspective for multinational organizations, and an understanding of the local market for those geographically targeted content marketing and PPC campaigns.


I have worked delivering marketing messages across the world including the United States, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Austria, Romania, Saint Lucia, Canada, United Kingdom.


I have written content and created successful marketing and ad campaigns in the US, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Italy, all the English-speaking countries, across many industries.


I lived on 2 continents, I speak 3 languages fluently and can communicate in 3 more. I am a global citizen.


2 years of journalism school, 4 years of psychology, 1 year into my MBA, television, radio, digital magazine experience.


In-person Interviews, Audio and Video Podcasts, Media Communication, Press Releases

15 years with a successful digital marketing and a fulfilling 9 years editorial career, I am blending marketing and content creation to create strategic communication plans for events, conferences, product launches.


With a strong marketing communication background and an elevated editorial style, I can craft elegant and concise messaging around local and international events, product launches, by writing press releases, newspaper and magazine ads, articles, newsletters, and social media posts.


From an in-depth IT project launch (website, e-commerce, mobile app) to account management and complete management of your digital presence on the web, I have taken ideas and made them reality.

Tea cups


Monica did an outstanding job. She absolutely delivered! Looking forward to working with you again.

Robert Collins Robert Collins Associates

Top… I hope to work with Monica for a long time. Thank you very much.

Sebastian Triebl Swiss Ladies Drive

Monica has been instrumental in forming the online presence of, a non-profit organization dedicated to women’s personal and professional growth. I appreciate her enthusiasm for our mission, her marketing insights and technical skills, and her professionalism in our every interaction. She has helped evolve our business and is a valued and trusted advisor. She’s also fun to work with, a huge bonus.

Adelaide Waters wForum

Monica is a very knowledgeable freelancer who really knows her stuff which I found very helpful with the project I assigned to her which was to start my regular Mailchimp monthly newsletters. Having her expertise for this job was extremely valuable.

Tania Stoyanof Black Label Experience

Monica has helped me on numerous occasions overcoming complicated problems. She has a keen eye for detail and a great ability to see the solution(s), when none seem to be apparent. Her rounded skills in design, management, and creative mind have been and continue to be a joy to work with.

Joseph Doughty SK Design Agency

Monica just designed my awesome website. I have had so many compliments on how the new design looks and I absolutely love it. It is beautiful and I am extremely pleased with the layout, design and functionality of the site. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, but Monica added so much more. She knew all the right questions to ask and she not only met, but exceeded my expectations. Monica is a talented, professional, seasoned designer and a pleasure to work with. I fully endorse her!

Jill Shurling Shurling Salon

Skills 5/5
Quality 5/5
Availability 5/5
Deadlines 5/5
Communication 5/5
Cooperation 5/5

Gene Culver Local Drizzle

As a commercial real estate agent, I am required to locate buyers for properties represented by my firm and cooperating firms. Monica Antohi has worked with me to promote several real estate properties I have exclusive listings to sell.
Monica made my marketing campaigns more efficient and effective. She did this by designing brochures and postcards that presented our property listings in positive and desirable light. She also managed our online campaign by using website services to reach thousands of potential buyers. In our most recent campaign, Monica created inviting written copy that enticed more than 200 users to start a dialog with me that resulted in more than 20 written offers for Buffalo Portfolio I was selling! I have no doubt that this overwhelming number of offers was due to Monica’s skills and insightfulness with our marketing campaign.
I noticed that Monica often took the initiative to learn more about our customers and our real estate business even though it was not a job requirement. I know, for example, that she studied for the New York State Sales Person License Exam, successfully passed it, and earned her New York State Real Estate Sales Person License. I also found her to be knowledgeable about real estate investments and property management. No wonder she was able to make compelling advertising copy; she understood our buyers and knew what interests them!
With her level of performance, I am quite sorry we no longer have her working with us. I can not imagine how we can get the same level of success without her. I’m sure Monica will be an asset to any employer and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.

Percy Keeley Marcus & Millichap

Who am I?

In numbers:
  • 12 years of Art School
  • 2 years of Journalism school
  • 4 years B.A. in Psychology and Marketing
  • 10 years of Editorial work
  • 15 years of Digital Marketing
  • 6 countries lived
  • 5 languages spoken
  • 1 brother
  • 26 countries visited
  • 8 graduate courses
  • 2 triathlons
  • 87 books read in 2019
Editorial, Copywriting
Digital Marketing: SEO, Content Marketing, Strategy, Branding
Digital Content Creation: Visual, Written, Audio and Video

Bringing together my digital marketing, editorial, and storytelling skills, I build loyal audiences at the global scale, define the value and benefits that brands offer, and communicate that via memorable communications campaigns.


Innovative content creator, copywriter and editor with an extensive background in publishing, media and digital marketing across a multitude of industries and international borders. A decade of digital marketing expertise with critical experience across branding, digital content creation, social media, SEO, SEA, content strategy and content marketing.

I love the English language. There is an abundance of nuance and flair that can be employed to deliver the clearest and most engaging message.

I also speak and write business level French. Can carry a conversation in Italian. Understand a bit of German and Spanish.

In my personal time, I love to read a great Scifi, experience different cultures through their culture and food, listen to all kinds of music, travel, oil paint, do yoga, swim in large bodies of water and ride my road bike.

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