Web Presence

Providing solutions for new or existing businesses: URL research, Keyword research for your industry and location, Domain purchase, Website building and Customization, website updates, organic SEO, Content creation and dissemination.

Social Media

Social Media solutions: Account creation, Account page design across all pertinent social media platforms, Social Media content creation and engagement, (cohesive with the website),

Project Management

Comprehensive solutions for any project management situation. IT solutions, vendor selection, staff and freelancer hirings and supervision, project tracking and management, payroll management, deliverables, etc.


Our work is spread out over these areas:

DMDigital Marketing
BCBusiness Consulting
ITIT consulting
SMSocial Media
DWeb and Graphic Design
C&CContent & Copyright
SEOSearch Engine Optimization
SMMSocial Media Marketing

Some of our clients:


EliotHBaley.com   Fphiit.com  LadiesDrive.tv  GirlsDrive.ch   SebastianTribal.com   RisingSunGlasses.com   WomensForum.us.com   CogRead.com  LeagueOfLeadingLadies.com  DanDellia.de  AppKassieren.com  SuperstarsWritingSeminar.com  Radiantlockets.com    AtlantaDentalSpa.com  Content4Chiros.com  VitalWellnessCenter.com   Spinal-Kineticsblog.com   Life-FitStudio.com   KilledInCarAccident.com    LinkSmithPC.com  JeepWranglerLimo.com   OrthoMind.com   MarcusMilichap.com  LosBravosDunwoody.com  PropelAircracft.com  JeffHopeck.com  FLETCForum.com    MarketonMainLaGrange.com


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Airline Marketing Infographic

11 airlines were surveyed and this is the digital marketing factors that affect online purchases: awareness creation, demand generation, opportunity conversion, customer engagement, eCommerce, website functionality, mobile functionality.

financial infographic

Financial Infographic

Benefits of Kale

Kale, the mighty green has come to Switzerland

I travel, to Europe mostly, as I have family living over there. And I love it, well, most of it. Every time I go to Europe, I have to load up on vitamins before I go, so they last me while I’m there. Somehow, Europeans have forgotten a bunch of vegetables, and only eat roots […]


The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Yes, I work from home, and the toughest thing I found is scheduling time for myself. I get up, and while still in bed, I read all my VIP emails (clients, family), and sometimes I have something so urgent that needs done, so I skip everything and get to working. When it’s super busy, I […]

Light at the end of the tunnel by Monica Antohi

Light at the end of the tunnel – Nov. 2012 – oil on pre-stretched canvas



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