I have worked with clients from all over the world including the United States, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Austria, Romania, Saint Lucia, Canada, United Kingdom, and they all have these things in common: they were all looking for quality, trust, and dedication to their message and goals. I have run marketing campaigns in the US, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Italy, all the English-speaking countries, I can speak to your audience, no matter what audience and industry your product/service is targeting.


I’ve taken an idea and designed the product, sourced the materials, bought and delivered the product, engaged with vendors and foundations, all the way through to creating the digital properties like websites and eCommerce sites, to creating copy and content to engage with the targeted audience and delivering that message via paid ads and social media exposure. I have worked with B2B, B2C, for-profit and non-profit, local and internationally reaching companies, I know how to adjust my approach to fit not only your audience but your communication style.


From design to development of your digital properties, I use WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Joomla to design engaging websites, eCommerce websites, Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps, landing pages and newsletters.

I design with the psychology of your customer in mind, taking into account your industry, your mission statement, creating a cohesive design that evokes your message and speaks to your target market.


From an in-depth IT project launch (website, e-commerce, mobile app) to account management and complete management of your digital presence on the web. You do what you do best, and the I come in and do what I do best, and together we are bringing your services and products in front of your target consumers.


I design and develop the marketing strategy for you to reach your customer faster, and more efficient. I build a step-by-step outline, break it down into manageable components, and create your company’s strategy for the new product, new services, and/or new department. Think marketing, with business development, and sales wrapped up in a clear and detailed plan that will guide your business efforts for years to come.


Copyright, Creation, Writing, Editing, Dissemination, I use my creativity and SEO tools to create original and engaging content that will be visually appealing to your audience, that will prompt action and will increase exposure and sales. I write, design images, create videos and use my SEO tools to distribute that content in front of your target market via the website, newsletters, social media channels, printed materials, ebooks, and youtube channel.