With an international background and experience, I offer a global perspective for multinational organizations, and an understanding of the local market for those geographically targeted content marketing and PPC campaigns.


I have worked delivering marketing messages across the world including the United States, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Austria, Romania, Saint Lucia, Canada, United Kingdom.


I have written content and created successful marketing and ad campaigns in the US, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Italy, all the English-speaking countries, across many industries.


I lived on 2 continents, I speak 3 languages fluently and can communicate in 3 more. I am a global citizen.


2 years of journalism school, 4 years of psychology, 1 year into my MBA, television, radio, digital magazine experience.


In-person Interviews, Audio and Video Podcasts, Media Communication, Press Releases

15 years with a successful digital marketing and a fulfilling 9 years editorial career, I am blending marketing and content creation to create strategic communication plans for events, conferences, product launches.


With a strong marketing communication background and an elevated editorial style, I can craft elegant and concise messaging around local and international events, product launches, by writing press releases, newspaper and magazine ads, articles, newsletters, and social media posts.


Content Creation

– visual: infographics and social media images: Adobe Creative Suite, Canva
– written: articles, white papers, books, event collaterals, blog posts, magazine articles, editorials: InDesign
– content layout: InDesign, HTML, CSS
– audio-visual: audio and video podcast creation, video interviews: Adobe Premium & Audition, Camtasia


Content SEO

– keyword research & analysis: Google Keyword Tool
– on-page content optimization: WordPress, YoastSEO, HTML
– keyword density, H tags


Content Marketing

– distribution via Social Media, Medium, Quora
– automation of distribution via MeetEdgar, Buffer, Salesforce, HubSpot CRM
– newsletters and community management: Mailchimp


From an in-depth IT project launch (website, e-commerce, mobile app) to account management and complete management of your digital presence on the web, I have taken ideas and made them reality.



Corporate Branding

Marketing Strategy

Technical and Content SEO

English Editing

Audio and Video Content Creation


Content Creation

Content Marketing


Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Account Management


Graphic Design

Website Design

Front End Website Development


Strong editorial judgement
– ethical and political awareness
– advanced professional news writing and editing skills
– preserving publications’ voice
– magazine editorials
– magazine design & layout
– editorial calendar
– editorial planning
– editorial team lead
– interviewing and event lead
– international experience


– line editing
– content transcreation
– copyright
– publication ready editing
– op-eds, newsletters, articles, social media posts