Percy Keeley

As a commercial real estate agent, I am required to locate buyers for properties represented by my firm and cooperating firms. Monica Antohi has worked with me to promote several real estate properties I have exclusive listings to sell.
Monica made my marketing campaigns more efficient and effective. She did this by designing brochures and postcards that presented our property listings in positive and desirable light. She also managed our online campaign by using website services to reach thousands of potential buyers. In our most recent campaign, Monica created inviting written copy that enticed more than 200 users to start a dialog with me that resulted in more than 20 written offers for Buffalo Portfolio I was selling! I have no doubt that this overwhelming number of offers was due to Monica’s skills and insightfulness with our marketing campaign.
I noticed that Monica often took the initiative to learn more about our customers and our real estate business even though it was not a job requirement. I know, for example, that she studied for the New York State Sales Person License Exam, successfully passed it, and earned her New York State Real Estate Sales Person License. I also found her to be knowledgeable about real estate investments and property management. No wonder she was able to make compelling advertising copy; she understood our buyers and knew what interests them!
With her level of performance, I am quite sorry we no longer have her working with us. I can not imagine how we can get the same level of success without her. I’m sure Monica will be an asset to any employer and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.